Suggested Packing List

Please bring carry-on luggage only. Note the weight limit of 40 lb total weight per passenger.

Cash! American credit and debit cards do not work in Cuba. Bring USD or EURO, approx $100 per day unless you plan to make a major purchase (art, cigars, etc.), in which case bring whatever you deem appropriate.

Copy of your passport.

Comfortable shoes or sandals (not flip flops) for walking; closed-toed shoes for bike tour.  

Umbrellas are hard to find in Havana, and it often rains in the afternoons. Bring an umbrella and/or rain jacket/poncho.

It’s usually helpful to plan for 2 outfits a day (it’s humid!).

Apps: Download the app (offline mapping app) as well as the map of the city of Havana within the app. We also recommend Alamesa (the Cuban Yelp).

There are very few stores in Havana, and much scarcity of basic goods. Please bring everything and anything that you can imagine using during our stay (all toiletries, tampons, Kleenex, vitamins, medications, etc.). This includes mosquito repellent, bandaids, and sunscreen.

Snacks (Granola bars, crackers, etc.)

Tap water is not potable. We’ll be drinking bottled water. If you are so inclined, bring a water filter or your own water bottle and we’ll refill from the larger bottles.

If you have a handheld fan, or the kind that plugs into your phone, bring it!

Camera (phone or other).

Flexibility and good spirits!

Do you want to help out the local community? There is a scarcity of most basic goods in Cuba, especially toiletries. Check out Pack for a Purpose's website for items that could be in need in Cuba.